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A Safe House Mother’s Testimony

Categories: From the CEO

Mother holding infant son over shoulder
APRIL 2022 –

Before I got here, my baby was having a hard time
breathing, sleeping, eating, and functioning overall.
Now he sleeps, eats, smiles, and is progressing
so much more. Even my doctor said so.
The Safe House has been a safe,
amazing environment for us to be in.

– Melissa, mom to Noah*


Dear Friend,

Melissa called YWCA’s 24/7 Domestic Violence Crisis Hotline and soon after moved into our confidential Safe House shelter with her infant son. What she shares is a real life example of what researchers have likewise discovered; infants as young as three months demonstrate stress responses following exposure to trauma. In Melissa’s case, her decision to bring baby Noah to our peaceful environment gave him the chance to be a healthy baby.

Along with our shelter, YWCA’s A Special Place Therapeutic Preschool supports children who have been exposed to trauma such as family violence, physical or emotional abuse and poverty. We believe that central to one’s heal­ing is mental health and clarity of one’s experiences. YWCA’s Counseling Support Services is where healing begins with a conversation with one of our trauma-informed clinicians.

In honor of Mother’s Day, your gift of financial support will give local mothers, like Melissa, the chance to be the best parent they can be. Please give generously.


Madeleine Keegan O’Connell
YWCA Chief Executive Officer