Help with Housing

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YWCA’s newest initiative designed to connect families in our care with housing.

To learn more about YWCA’s housing initiative, contact:
Nancy Clark, Housing Advocate at, (707) 909-7602

Since 1975, YWCA Sonoma County has been the answer to the call from local families struggling with violence in the place they should feel most safe:
inside their own homes.


A chance at a new beginning

Suzanne came to the YWCA’s Moving Into Safety Program through a referral from the homeless outreach team. She had been living in her car for the past year and a half after leaving an abusive relationship. She struggled with anxiety and depression due to multiple episodes of trauma she had experienced throughout her lifetime.

Suzanne was working a part-time job and managed to find a studio willing to rent to her, but needed that help getting started financially. She was living paycheck to paycheck with debts piling up to fix her car or pay her phone bill. YWCA’s Moving Into Safety program was able to pay her security deposit and first 3 months of rent. Because of our support, Suzanne was able to allocate her resources to paying off some bills, addressing her health and updating her medications as well. In the process she was able to secure a full-time job in addition to her part-time position.

Her first few nights in her studio she slept on the floor since she did not yet have a bed, but told her case manager “I am just happy to be in my own place and not have to worry about feeling unsafe sleeping in my car.” During those first few months of YWCA’s assistance, Suzanne received donations of professional clothes, blankets, furniture, and was even connected to a financial planner to help her create a budget of her own. Suzanne has repeatedly expressed her gratitude for the YWCA’s team and our Moving Into Safety program for making the transition to a safer home possible. A restraining order issued to protect her from her abuser makes her feel even more secure in this new chapter.

Small help for a big change

Kayla was referred to YWCA’s Moving Into Safety program because she was currently sharing a home with her abuser and seeking help to move out. She had applied for low-income housing and her name had just moved to the top of the very long waiting list. She was approved for a low-income apartment and saw this as an opportunity to leave her relationship, however she didn’t have the money to pay the security deposit.

By working with YWCA’s Moving Into Safety program Kayla received assistance to cover the security deposit required. Once she was able to get into her new apartment with her children, YWCA’s advocates also connected her to much-needed items to furnish her new home thanks to the generous donations of local community members.