YWCA Sonoma County

What We Do

YWCA Programs and Services

As an affiliate of an international membership organization, the YWCA of Sonoma County has devoted the past 30 years to empowering women and affirming the worth of all people, regardless of gender or race.

At the heart of the YWCA Sonoma County programs are our domestic violence services. We provide a secure environment in which women and children who have experienced abuse and/or domestic violence can heal, become self-sufficient and return productively to the community.

YWCA Safe House
The YWCA’s Safe House provides refuge to abused women and their children. The Safe House is an eight-week program in a secure environment designed to assure women that there are people who care about their well-being and that there are agencies and resources that will assist them in changing their lives.

YWCA Encore Program
Our two-year Encore Program helps women to become and remain self-reliant. Over a 24-month period, the YWCA Encore Advocate meets with and provides ongoing support for clients by partnering with community agencies and businesses to help with housing, jobs, financial planning, child care, school reentry and parenting support.

YWCA’s A Special Place
The YWCA’s A Special Place Preschool and Child Care Center offers children living with violence or neglect a safe setting five days a week. Staff trained in working with abused children help youngsters in crisis learn how to relate appropriately with others.

Support Groups
These groups are designed for women who have left abusive environments but have their own housing arrangements, as well as for women who have not left. Participants receive support, education and confidence that enable them to break the cycle of violence.

Individual Therapy
Women and men who are experiencing abuse in their relationships can work with our therapists for shortterm
crisis counseling.

YWCA Advocates
These specially trained helpers work onsite with law enforcement agencies throughout Sonoma County and with social service programs. The advocates contact each victim or applicant to advise her/him of the available resources.

24-Hour Hotline
This telephone service provides education about the range of available services, counseling and emergency transportation to a safe location.

Legal Assistance
The YWCA helps those in crisis file temporary restraining orders and provides court accompaniment as needed.