YWCA Sonoma County

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 Daily Schedule

8:00 Arrival, wash hands, health check, free play inside (30 min)
8:30 Breakfast, Outdoor Play (45 min.)
9:15 Morning Circle (20 min)
9:35 Small Group Time (25 min.)
10:00 Free Choice, Indoor / Outdoor( 1 hour)
11:00 Outdoor Play (30 min.)
11:30 3 Year Old Lunch - Brush Teeth

4 Year Old Lunch - Brush Teeth

2:00 Indoor / Outside Play (1.30 hour)
3:00 Snack
3:30 Dismissal


Curriculum Information

ASP utilizes a variety of resources to support children's growth and development.  Included are the California Preschool Learning Foundations, a social-emotional curriculum and the Desired Results Developmental Profiles (DRDP) Assessments.  Find out more about these very specialized tools on our website by clicking the links embedded here.



Lunch Menu


October 2013


 Monthly Curriculum Plan


October 2013




October 2013