YWCA Sonoma County

Support Groups

Increased Confidence through Support and Education

Support Group participants receive support, education and confidence that enable them to break the cycle of violence. Community support groups are available both for women who have left abusive environments and have their own housing arrangements, and for women who have not left.

Join a Community Support Group: Contact our Hotline at 707-546-1234

The YWCA also offers a psychotherapy group through Child Protective Services. Support Group topics include but are not limited to: Definition, Cycle, Power & Control, Why We Stay, Effects of DV on Children, Red Flags, Safety Planning, Co-Dependence, and Substance abuse.

Safe House groups convene while children receive non-violent education.

Women attend up to six educational support groups; four days per week while residing at the Safe House. The topics covered in support groups are Domestic Violence Education, Self Esteem, Financial Empowerment, Non-Violent Communication, Parenting and Yoga. While the women of the Safe House are attending educational support group, the children are in child care provided by YWCA Child Advocates. In child care the children receive Self Esteem building skills, Non-Violent Communication, learn that words are not for hurting and hands are not for hitting though art, and play time