YWCA Sonoma County


"The YWCA is an exemplar organization that continually makes efforts to eliminate racism and empower women.  My undergraduate career would not have been the same without the magnificent opportunities this organization provide me.  The YWCA is a place where one can learn awareness of, sensitivity to, and competence in working with clients from difficult cultural and socioeconomic groups.  Interning with this organization was one of the best career choices I have made." 

- Nadia Family Advocate Intern 


YWCA provides several internship opportunities to students, recent graduates, and community members looking to gain work experience in human services, social work, and domestic violence advocacy.  Our internships allow you to work alongside staff to contribute to our program, provide services directly to clients and participate in many aspects of case management. 

Our interns are often interested in criminal justice, psychology, therapy and counseling, family law, child development, and social work.  We strive to give each intern valuable learning experineces toward working in these fields with both adults and children.  We have three specific internship programs that can be completed as listed, or in combination with other volunteer roles at the YWCA. 

Please contact Lydia Edelheit, Staff/Volunteer Coordinator, for more information at (707) 303-8401;

   or fill out a Volunteer Application