YWCA Sonoma County

Counseling Services

Program purpose

YWCA Sonoma County is the only local agency currently providing survivors of family violence and abuse with specialized therapy services. Recognizing the overall goal as putting an end to the cycle of violence, therapy services serve as an important intervention and prevention measure.

Client empowerment is central to this process. The guiding focus on client strengths and self esteem helps to foster survivors’ ability to make healthy relationships and choices, build effective networks of support, and have a voice in advocating for their and their families’ basic needs and rights. Empowering clients to believe in themselves and take control over their situations greatly reduces the chances of future harm and improves their life chances.

Given the acute and harmful situations faced by clients, therapy services also focus on the development of safety and security for clients and their loved ones. Insuring that each client has a plan in place for early detection of possible harm and a plan on how they will behaviorally respond to threat in the future are crucial to the treatment process. Recognizing the importance of human relationship and community integration, therapy services are designed to improve family connections and functioning, as well as to support other community relationships and networks.