YWCA Sonoma County

Title 5 State Supported School

Title 5 Ensures Quality Preschools For Qualified Families

Sonoma County has 22 State Funded preschools in Sonoma County. Families that are eligible receive free or pay a small co pay for their children to attend. We serve 30 children, ages 3-5 M-F 8-3:30.  All the teachers are credentialed through the State of California Department of Education. There is a 1/8 ratio and teachers receive ongoing training and workshops in  ECE from SCOE, Sonoma County Office of Education.

Engaging Centers Develop Academic Skills Through Play

The classroom environment is set up in centers


Children are given a substantial portion of the day to explore and move from center to center.  We also have a large group time, with music and movement, calendar, weather and helper of the day. We conduct small group time during which children work in small groups with their teacher on curriculum from the Department of Eduction Framework.  Children are assessed  in the first 60 days and then again every six months.  Samples of work are collected and a portfolio is put together to prepare children for kindergarten.

Eligibility Criteria for Subsidized Childcare

Parents that are qualified to attend the preschool are certified upon entry and  on a yearly basis.  Qualification is based on specific criteria which may include income, job search status, school or vocational training in progress, or when parents are incapacitated or referred to us by CPS.