YWCA Sonoma County

Archive: Published Articles/Letters

Archive: Published Articles/Letters

New YWCA Chief Headlines Sonoma County Fundraiser: Press Democrat April 12, 2013 (pdf of article)

Close To Home Editorial by our own Madeleine Keegan O'Connell Press Democrat October 14, 2012 (pdf of letter)

Unintended Victim of Domestic Violence - Jesse Garcia: Press Democrat July 18, 2012 (pdf of article)

When Violence Comes Home - Kim Conover: Press Democrat April 22, 2012 (pdf of article)

YWCA Letter to the Editor - Please make the call; Kim Conover: Press Democrat, April 20, 2012 (pdf of letter)

Shock, grief and the desire to help; Kim Conover: Argus-Courier, April 19, 2012 (pdf of the article)